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Since 2007, the then Mahale and Gombe Wildlife research Centres were merged to form Mahale-Gombe Wildlife Research Centre (M-GWRC). Following that, Mahale and Gombe were individually regarded as research stations. (M-GWRC) is found in Kigoma region on the western part of Tanzania. Mahale Wildlife Research Station is in the Mahale Mountains National Park, which lies 120 km south of Kigoma on a peninsula that cuts out into Lake Tanganyika. Mahale National Park covers an area of 1 577 square kilometers, while Gombe Wildlife Research Station is located within the Gombe National Park. The Gombe National Park is situated 16 km, north of Kigoma town and covers an area of 52 square kilometers.


Both stations are responsible for wildlife research carried out in the Mahale and Gombe National Parks. Current wildlife research projects are

  • Long-term research carried by Dr. J. Goodall at the Jane Goodall Institute on Chimpanzees and other primates
  • Japanese Chimpanzee research programmes which have been going on over 40 years
  • Study of behavior of other primates