Training workshop

Today 25th of March 2020, Wildlife Information and Education unit staff from Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) are having hands on practice training session at TAWIRI headquarters. The training sessions is being facilitated by Tanzania Natural Resource Forum through USAID PROTECT project. TNRF are among key TAWIRI partners in the field of implementing wildlife related researches including dissemination of wildlife research findings.

The training is facilitated in participatory methods to enable all participants to share their experience and innovations. There will be a total of five sessions covering key components on effective communication, use of social medial platforms to share information, production of short video and audio clips for advocacy and how to organize engaging indoor and outdoor events.

This training is expected to contribute to the following long-term outcomes for the WIE information communication and dissemination strategy;

  • Improved communication of research findings to decision makers, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders
  • Improved visibility of TAWIRI as the sole National Wildlife Research Institute
  • Enhanced TAWIRI’s policy influence
  • Strengthened creation of public awareness through seminars, workshops and community meetings