Organisational Structure

  • The Board of Directors, which under the act no. 4 of 1980 revised by act no. 10 of 1999  is responsible for the exercise of the functions and management of the Institute, The Board meets at least once in every  three months.
  • The Director General under which there are three (3) units namely accounts, Internal Audit and Human Resources and Administration
  • Under the director General there are two (2) Directorates led by two (2) directors namely Director of Research and Director of Information and education.
  • Under the two directorates there are seven sections :Management of Research , Research Development , Veterinary Science , Wildlife laboratories , Wildlife Information and wildlife Education and Publicity.
  • TAWIRI has five centres namely Njiro which has two stations Magugu and West Kilimanjaro, Serengeti has one station, Endala, Kingupira with one stations of Kihansi, Mahale and Gombe