• To carry out research and investigation into various aspects of wildlife for the purpose of establishing, improving or developing modern methods or techniques of wildlife and environmental conservation and the management, selection and use of wildlife and wildlife products.


  1. Responsible for wildlife research planning and co-ordination.
  2. Plan and develop wildlife research agenda, guidelines and research activities of the Institute.
  3. Foster coordination of research efforts by local and foreign scientists.
  4. Provide annual performance report of the Institute on wildlife research.
  5. Solicits research funds from within and outside the country.
  6. Supervise and develop research programmes within the mandate of the Institute.
  7. Involved in collaborative research activities and programmes developed by the Institute or initiated by visiting scientists.
  8. Supervision and coordination of all wildlife surveys and research management, coordination, inspection, research permits, wildlife veterinary science and laboratory matters at TAWIRI.
  9. Link TAWIRI with key Stakeholders on matters related to wildlife surveys, research development, coordination, wildlife laboratories and veterinary sciences.
  10. To carry out research and investigation into wildlife diseases and their causes so as to develop way of preventing or controlling the occurrence of particular wildlife diseases or any category of them.
  11. To coordinate all wildlife research which is carried out within the United Republic.



  • To establish and operate a system of documentation and dissemination of the findings of inquiries, experiments and research carried out by or on behalf of the Institute, or other information on wildlife acquired by the Institute.


  1. Liaise with the Director of Research Development and Coordination, Centre Directors and Heads of Departments/sections regarding research publications and reports.
  2. Strive and solicit fund for; wildlife research,  production of education and publicity materials and for dissemination of research findings
  3. Coordinate the production and distribution of information, education and publicity materials from directorates, centres, departments and staff projects at TAWIRI
  4. Prepare annual report of the Institute
  5. Play a leading role in assessing wildlife information and education, publicity needs and possible funding sources.